Whether you’re a small business starting from scratch or an established company eager to stay ahead of the competition, a website is undoubtedly your number one marketing tool. But a well designed website might not be enough. With 1 in every 8 website page views coming from mobile devices, your company can greatly benefit from having a responsive site.

1-    Responsive websites help your SEO. Previously, companies used separate codes for mobile devices, which generated URLs like “mobile.yourcompany.com”. When it comes to Google, this is interpreted as a completely different website. Google gives value to responsive sites because your content doesn’t duplicate in multiple domains.

2-    Content changes are easy. Have you recently moved your headquarters? Obtain a well-known client? Develop an awesome new product? You no longer have to update your code in different places to ensure your site is updated on all mobile devices. With a responsive site, it’s as easy as clicking “Save”.

3-    Save money. To bypass the issue of creating a site for multiple mobile platforms, companies have developed apps that would allow users to access the functions of a website from their mobile device. Banking apps are a great example. However, app development isn’t cheap, especially if you want to have it accessible to different app stores (Apple, Android, etc.) A responsive website eliminates the need for an app that does the same thing your website does.

Your website acts as the nucleus for all your marketing, with all other efforts stemming from it, both online and print. Give your site—and your brand—the push it needs to compete.

Jazmine Ramirez
Account Executive
DAISHO Creative Strategies