Create Your Brand & Lead

For small business owners, there are very few helpful books on branding. You often have to settle for reading about large corporate brands with enormous budgets and somehow imagine how those strategies might work for you. This is not one of those books.

This is a step-by-step guide and workbook to brand-building with straightforward explanations and guidance designed specifically for the small business owner.

Our firm needed a “new look” and DAISHO’s re-branding process did not disappoint! They walked us through step-by-step and helped us realize who we REALLY are and where we should focus our energies as a firm. We are thrilled with DAISHO’s professionalism and creativity and highly recommend them.

John Yeager

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About the Book

Easy to read, written for small businesses, and packed with tips and guided exercises.

This step-by-step guide and workbook explains the basic principles of branding and helps you create a unique, powerful brand. In Create Your Brand & Lead, Frank Irias shares the brand-building process he’s used with small business owners for more than twenty years. The guide portion provides you with helpful context and practical advice. The workbook portion offers engaging, thoughtful exercises to help you create a brand your customers will love.

How it Works

Part 1:
The Guide

The guide explains the concepts behind the process of branding. You’ll learn why a brand is essential for small businesses and why trust is the ultimate objective. You’ll discover the anatomy of a brand and what three key parts make up a powerful brand. You’ll be introduced to six simple questions that will serve as your guide in brand-building. And finally, you’ll learn the concept of the Ideal Buyer Persona–how to create one and common mistakes to avoid.

This guide is also chock full of practical, helpful brand-building tips for a small business owner. These include:

  • Five Ways to Gain Trust
  • Four Strategies to Differentiate
  • Three Goals of Your Visual Language
  • Four Points About Your Logo
  • And many more!

Part 2:
The workbook

The workbook is a series of do-it-yourself, brand-building exercises and structured using the Journalistic Six (who, what, why, how, when, and where). These questions are used to help you discover the wants and needs of your ideal buyer and discover the most essential elements of your brand. A final section will help you capture your brand story—one that you’ll live and tell happily on repeat.

What You’ll Get Out of This Guide and Workbook

Create Your Brand & Lead is a must-read for any small business owner ready for transformation. It will help you build a brand which stands out, inspires trust, prompts action, and nurtures loyalty. It will stop you from sabotaging your own growth and help you create the business you truly want. Prepare to be challenged, enlightened, and emboldened when building your brand. And count on this guide and workbook to offer direction and encouragement while doing so.


We Wrote the Book on Small Business Branding

Create Your Brand & Lead is a guide and workbook which explains the basic principles of branding and takes a step-by-step approach to creating a brand customers love and trust. It’s designed especially for small business owners. Drawing from more than two decades of experience, Frank Irias walks you through his tried-and-true process of brand-building with small businesses. Create Your Brand & Lead will give you the focus, clarity, and insight necessary to create a powerful brand you’re proud to call your own.

Book titled "Create your brand and lead"