If you’re here, we probably already met and discussed what a Brand Discovery Workshop entails. If we haven’t had a chance to discuss it, I encourage you to book a FREE 30-minute consultation before purchasing.

A Brand Discovery is immersive and comprehensive. We’ll want to chat with up to five of your best customers, and we’ll ask you to be transparent and honest. We like to joke around that this may feel like a session with your priest and therapist, all wrapped up into one.

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What to Expect

We’ll start with a pre-discovery meeting. This is to make sure we understand your challenges and objectives. During
this meeiting, we will ask you for up to five of your best customers. We’ll also want to know who you consider to be your
direct and indirect competitors. After a couple of days, we’ll have interviewed your clients (client interviews are
approximately 30 minutes each) and researched your online competitors. We’ll then schedule a time to meet you via
Zoom or in person. The workshop itself usually lasts 3 hours. After the workshop, we’ll recap our meeting on a Google
Document, and we’ll also include a top level action list for you to take your business forward.


A 30-minute meeting to unearth what’s on your mind, your overall goals and your most pressing challenges. This is our way to get familiar with your world and assess how we can be most effective.

Client Interviews

Via phone, we’ll interview up to five of your best customers--the kind of customers you wish to have more of. The purpose? To learn about you through the eyes of those you serve. This alone shares great value.

Brand Discovery

This is a 3-hour, conversation-style workshop where we’ll take a deep-dive into your business. We’ll discover what makes you unique in your space, who your ideal customer is, and why customers choose to buy from you.

Action Plan

Using clarity and insight, we’ll make you a list of action items, from strategic shifts to tactical ideas that can help you market your business, whether on your own or with our support.

Execution or Handoff

Time to put it all into action. If your team is taking over, we can schedule a time to review the Action Plan. If our team will execute the plan, we're ready to start your brand’s transformation.


Our firm needed a “new look” and DAISHO’s re-branding process did not disappoint!
They walked us through step-by-step and helped us realize who we REALLY are and
where we should focus our energies as a firm. We are thrilled with DAISHO’s
professionalism and creativity and highly recommend them.

John Yeager

yeager sherburne CPA