How the latest Facebook changes affect your small business

by | Apr 11, 2019

If you’re a business on Facebook, the days of mediocre graphics and text-only status updates are gone. Facebook unveiled their updates to the news feed feature, introducing various “sub feeds” so that users can select what content is shown to them. The new feeds include:

  • All Friends- displays everything your friends are posting
  • Photos- comprised of photos being shared by friends and Pages
  • Music- a feed of your favorite artists
  • Following- displays the latest updates from the Pages you’ve “liked”

The chances of your business’ post being spotted are now significantly less unless your posts are visual and engaging. With the large success of visually based social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, it’s no wonder Facebook created a photo only news feed. The need for images with all updates is necessary to capture your audience’s attention long enough to hit “Share.” A flyer made in Paint won’t cut it anymore. Consider investing in a stock photography account or custom photography for your business.

The multiple feed feature offers a new twist as well. With the “Following” feed showing only updates by pages and omitting regular users’ posts, the life span of a post is now shorter than before. Mirroring Twitter, the speed in which Page posts will be pushed further down the news feed will increase, meaning you not only have to post more engaging content to stand out from the rest, but you must post with more frequency. Posting four times per week may have been enough before, but you may now want to rethink this strategy to ensure your posts are near the top whenever users click the “Following” feed.

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Jazmine Ramirez
Account Executive
DAISHO Creative Strategies

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