Intern files: What I didn’t learn in the classroom

by | Apr 11, 2019

It is just over a month since I started working as a marketing and branding intern at DAISHO. My time here is flying by, and it feels like yesterday I was walking in the door for my first day. To be honest, I remember feeling nervous because I wasn’t exactly sure what I would encounter. In general, I am a shy person who doesn’t speak up or voice my opinion unless called upon. I’m the same way in the classroom; I barely raise my hand and rarely volunteer for class exercises. Although some may view this as a downfall, I believe I take direction well and can complete any task given to me.

I’m certain there are many other soft-spoken interns out there entering the working world who have feelings similar to mine. Just because we are shy doesn’t mean we can’t learn and further our careers with a rewarding internship. Everyone has different personality traits, and we must embrace them as individuals. Over the past month, I have come up with three “keys to interning” that help me fulfill my role here at DAISHO.

  • Write things down; take notes just like in school
  • Listen and learn about everyone’s projects
  • Be willing to help always, in all ways

Taking notes. This is something I have been doing since grade school. It is such a simple concept, but so important when you want to accomplish a task efficiently. I can’t tell you how many times I go back to the notes I scratched down my first day here. My notepad is totally unorganized with arrows and stars pointing to highlighted items. It’s like my Bible with little tips to help navigate through websites, as well as important logins. By jotting things down, I don’t have to go back to my supervisors and ask the same questions week after week.

Listening and learning. At DAISHO, we have project meetings every week with everyone in the office. I remember my first meeting; I was confused and had no idea what clients or jobs everyone was talking about. As time went on, I made sure to engage in these meetings for my benefit, as well as the benefit of the agency. By listening and learning about our team’s projects, I am able to understand the challenges they face in the work field and how they overcome them. I accept projects given to me with open arms in order to help out the team. Plus because I have been paying attention, I already have an idea as to what the client needs and how I can help.

Always be willing to help in all ways. It sounds weird with the repetitive “all ways,” but it’s so true. As an intern, my daily tasks range across the marketing and branding field. This is what makes being an intern so interesting and rewarding. You are the go-to person who is relied on, always in all ways. With this mentality, I learn about the numerous functions that allow DAISHO Creative to move forward.  Some tasks take a couple of minutes and others require the entire day. These experiences help me think about my future—it provides insight—what do I want to do in marketing, advertising or maybe even branding?

Just a month has gone by, and I have learned a lot about how DAISHO functions, but about who I am as well. Everyone has different personalities in the work environment, and even though I am timid, it doesn’t affect my ability to learn and help others at work. I will certainly grow more in the next couple months, and I am grateful for this opportunity.

Lydia A. Pulver
Summer Intern

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