Love letters to my customers

by | Apr 11, 2019

Our everyday language is full of superlative phrases: “I love this,” “I hate that,” “That’s awesome,” “That sucks” … the list goes on. Personally, I love this cultural facet. In fact, I crave it. Good or bad, superlative expressions leave little space for ambiguity and make communication, if not eloquent, at least clear.

Perhaps this is why my favorite customers tend to be those who feel comfortable expressing their emotions—telling us if they like what we are doing or not. These same individuals tend to like collaborating, communicating, sharing ideas, and definitely tend to appreciate aesthetics.

For those of us in creative roles, who haven’t been jaded by the industry, what we do is personal. Not in a negative, “you can’t critique my work” sense, but rather in the “we expose ourselves to criticism with every job” way. We pour our hearts into the work, use up free time and lose sleep, neglect other priorities for the passion to create a beautiful website, ad, campaign, or brochure—all for the like or dislike of the customer.

We take the rejections when customers feel we don’t come through creatively, knowing the next morning we’ll come back for more. And we leave elated at the end of the workday when we are praised for a job well done.

“Every job is a love letter to our customers.”

Our work tells them we took the time to love their brand as much as they do, and that we’ll collaborate to make sure they are in love with what we’ve done as much as we are. It says we care about the crazy deadline, the 25th text change, the “Oh my God, sales are down” panic, and the “Holy crap, I forgot about this ad’s deadline” moments.

So, to our customers, our work is a love letter to you. We’ll give our all regardless of the size of the job. You paid us for our work, but we did it for the love of creating. So, when you receive something from us, if you like it, stop for a second and drop us a line saying so. If you loved it, shout it out to us, and if we missed the mark, be kind knowing that tomorrow we’ll get it right. Because we will never stop working for you.

If you are the type of customer that wants a relationship with your creative team, reach out to us, because for sure we want a partner like you. See what customers say about us here.

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