Port Miami and the Panama Canal expansion: The multi-billion dollar game changer

by | Apr 11, 2019

The completion of the Port Miami expansion is on schedule for early 2014; so are the intermodal expansion and the Port Tunnel— all in preparation for the Panama Canal expansion, which is scheduled for early 2015.  In addition, the Florida East Coast Railroad system is laying tracks for the first time since the 1900s, and our highway system around the airport, Doral and Hialeah areas is dramatically changing.

Let Me Add Some Additional Context

The new Post Panamax ships, scheduled to come in 2015, are three times larger than the largest ships Port Miami can currently accommodate. These larger ships allow for the delivery of containers at reduced prices due to the sheer scale of delivery capacity— imports and exports will grow exponentially. Port Miami will be the closest destination with the capacity to service them.

So, What Does This Mean to Your Business?

The influx of commerce, logistics, transportation and new ancillary business will be massive. Nearly every industry will see growth opportunity; new logistics companies, importers, exporters and local manufacturers will need lawyers, accountants, banking, entertainment, accommodations, real estate, and many other services.
Is your business ready? Do you have a strategic plan in place? What should you do to prepare?

Consider this: companies like Jorge Perez Related Group, Shoma Group and the Seagis Property Group have been buying land, warehouse spaces and office space in industrial areas within Doral and Hialeah for the last couple of years. We’re also seeing large logistic companies strategically relocating in key points around the airport and Free Trade Zone areas. On the other hand, small and midsize businesses are virtually unaware.

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