Transform your brand: Rebranding a construction company

by | Apr 12, 2019

As we were finishing the rebrand of GBS Group, the company felt we could help one of its own customers, HCD Group.

HCD Group, a builder of luxury homes in South Florida was led by a team of two partners. As we got started on the company’s Brand Discovery, the partners’ differences became very apparent — one partner wanted to remain focused on high-end residential work while the other wanted to focus on boutique hotel projects. It turned out our discovery highlighted their differences and provided them the opportunity to recognize a need for alignment. As we worked through the details, high-end residential was clearly an area in which they had the most experience and passion, bringing clarity to the rest of our work.

HCD Group is known for its ultra-luxurious appeal and Art Deco-inspired designs. We knew capturing this aesthetic was essential to the rebrand, so we art-directed the ideal photography style for our client. A local Miami photographer, Antonio Chagin, was hired to do the job and make our vision a reality.

Apart from the site, we created HDC’s new logo and stationery package, plus a pocket folder with a ¼-inch gusset to fit proposals and a corporate brochure. Each piece featured the brand’s signature angular slopes.

The scope of work for HCD Group included designing a new website focusing the image and message on the “Design & Build” of luxury homes plus multiple parts of the brand system.

“Frank Irias and the team at Daisho Creative created such a beautiful, mobile-ready website for us. We can’t say enough about their commitment to delivering a stellar result on the whole rebrand process. Fantastic work!”
Ricardo Hernandez
Business Controller / Digital Marketing Strategist
HCD Group

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