Chances are we have an acquaintance in common, you read something I wrote, or you’ve seen our work. Regardless of your path, glad to see you here. 

I imagine you’re likely thinking of undergoing a shift in your business or messaging, and your looking for some clarity. This would make it the ideal time for you and I to meet.

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What to Expect:

Expect a lot of questions and the need for you to be honest with me and yourself.
We’ll use our time efficiently and quickly focus on your specific challenges. After our
time together, I’ll send you a recap of our call, include any resources that might
help you, plus I’ll recommend high-level next steps.

Our firm needed a “new look” and DAISHO’s re-branding process did not disappoint!
They walked us through step-by-step and helped us realize who we REALLY are and
where we should focus our energies as a firm. We are thrilled with DAISHO’s
professionalism and creativity and highly recommend them.

John Yeager

yeager sherburne CPA