Build your school brand through branding videos

by | Apr 11, 2019

Video has been on the rise for years, outpacing most other forms of online content to be one of the best ways to reach an audience—not to mention increase Google Rankings in search queries. I guess that’s why Google paid handsomely for YouTube, and why when we search for just about anything, Google serves us videos.

Climbing up Google’s search results is a great thing—all that good SEO and website traffic is positive for business. But search results aren’t the only reward. There’s a far better, and more long-term value-add that video content offers, but that is often underappreciated. Of course, I’m referring to brand-building.

There’s nothing mysterious about the term brand-building; everyday business owners work at building their brand. Some of us build our brand through Yelp reviews, others via traditional networking, PR, social media and so on. And those with deeper pockets continue to build it through TV and radio.

What is Brand-building?

Regardless of the communication channel used, building your brand is the best investment you’ll ever make in your business, and branding videos are a key driver in today’s economy. So, here are four ways that great branding videos build your brand:

  1. Personalize
    If you are a small business, chances are you are the heart and the brains of the operation. This means your brand is already very personal and that customers see you as a focal point, or a representation, of your brand. A branding video reinforces this narrative while giving you the opportunity to reach more people.
  2. Humanize
    Video has a unique way of showing the personality of the company–funny, friendly, confident, trustworthy–and attributes that may be better served visually than with the written word. Let’s face it, we all prefer to do business with people we know, and video is the perfect way to help customers get to know us.
  3. Educate
    A good branding video leaves the viewer more knowledgeable. Your videos might offer customers insights about your services and what to expect when they work with you or explain how to do something of relevance with your products and services. Regardless of the subject, a good branding video leaves customers informed.
  4. Differentiate
    If nothing else, a good branding video should differentiate you from the pack. You could be funny, inspiring, warm, friendly…or even loud and obnoxious. Perhaps you are passionate and sexy or maybe deeply analytical and thoughtful. No matter your style and personality, find a way to use what comes naturally to stand out in the commodity-fueled crowd.

There you have it: 4 ways branding videos help build your brand. If you would like to build your brand, talk to us. We have the tools and experience to help you. Visit private school branding if you would like to learn more.

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